Original Watercolor Art in Simi Valley, CA

About The Artist
I think I was born with a paintbrush in my hand as I had a passion for painting from my earliest years.  My teachers in kindergarten told my parents they thought I had unusual talent as I was able to translate images of people to correct proportions and hands with five fingers instead of paintings sundials with arms and legs.
At the age of ten I was given an oil painting set and from that day forward I spent hours in front of my easel.  Horses were my favorite subjects and I painted many. I also enjoyed creating acrylic and watercolor art.
Majoring in painting at UCLA I first received a BA in art and then a teaching credential in Adult Education.  I started teaching Painting and Drawing, Portrature and Landscape painting at North Hollywood Adult Schools, The Gifted Children's Association and Privately.  I also started exhibiting and selling in local venues.    
At age thirty one I became a divorcee.  I now had three children and was faced with making some real money.  Unfortunately, that meant giving up my painting and teaching for the moment.  That moment lasted 25 years.
Once my three little girls were almost raised and on their own I dove back into painting, started teaching again at Every Woman's Village,  exhibiting locally and in Europe.  I now have my own studio in Simi Valley, California, and am at a stage in my life where I can do almost anything I want. You guessed it, my passion for painting still exists.